Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mumbaikar for BMC Commissioner

Yes, we definetly need a true blue mumbaikar for the post of BMC Commissioner and it is essential that such city top posts are held by those who are born and brought up in the same place. They should be sensitized to the needs of the people.

Instead we have outsiders who come to perform a job and when they fail, they cite ministerial interference, not owning up to their inefficiency.

Even the post of ward officers and the approved work they are assigned, should be made public using internet as the medium.

270 Kms-12 buses - India Shining !!

I had to post this blog from rediff, it's just unbelievable and we talk about connecting Kashmir to Kanyakumari.This proves that our policies are so focussed on urban issues that we simply forget that the "other india" too exists.


12 buses, 270 km in Tamil Nadu
[ ]

My village is in Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu, about 35 km from Tuticorin town. I decided to go to Sivakasi to see the assembly election trend there. So I got into a bus (1) to Tuticorin. I reached the old bus-stand and was very happy to see a bus with the board saying Sivakasi.

I got in (2) and the conductor asked me where I wanted to go. When I told him, he said this bus would leave the new bus stand after an hour so I should go in an earlier bus.

So I got down and boarded a bus (3) to Kovilpatti as there was no direct bus for me. From Kovilpatti I took another bus (4) to Sattur. It takes 30 minutes from Kovilpatti to Sattur. Imagine my shock when after 10 minutes the bus halted at a restaurant for a ‘20 minutes refreshment break’. There were six other buses halted there. I got into one (5) leaving for Sattur.

From Sattur I got a bus to Sivakasi (6).

After finishing my work there I saw a bus (7) leaving for Tuticorin. A feeling of déjà vu when the conductor said it was better I bought a ticket for Sattur as there would be a 25 minute halt there. I did not argue. I boarded (8) another bus from Sattur to Tuticorin.

This one took me to the new bus stand there and I boarded a mini bus (9) to the old bus stand. There was no bus to my village but there was one (10) to Eral which is on the way. From Eral I got another mini bus (11) to Kurumbur. And one more mini bus (12) to my village.

I was very happy. I had not waited even for one bus. I had been on the move throughout and covered 270 km.

-- Ganesh Nadar

Henceforth I will never ever crib about BEST Buses for sure!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mumbai Mirror Gaffe...Dhoni and Sensex...

Mumbai Mirror had my post Sensex 12000 in the blogger's park on saturday 22nd April but was credited to

But please note dhoni is no way involved with the Bull run of the sensex...:)

Exam Cramps...

For my part-time Mgmt pals..

Countdown to Exams....

The D-day is near , the knees are quivering as usual....
Slept walked thro the year to hear the dreaded word...
Its time to shake up the lethargy, dust the books, turn a few pages.

Fear is visible on the faces, as if the sun has set on them....
Look is Gloomy, Time is slipping by....
"Need" to catch up is high...

With sweated palms we wish each other the best....
Friends and Foes are together at this task....
Brave faces have a look of pity....
When they ask the boss for a few days of mercy....
Oh how! Time is mightier than thou....

But like warriors we shall jump in....
With sole aim of surviving the battlefield...
Victorious and the Wounded shall walk out together with cramps....
After fighting the villain called "Exams"....

[ I know its a pathetic attempt at poem but this proves that mental torture too can lead to creativity so this can be termed as a new medical discovery !!
By the way pals, ALL THE BEST !! ]

Monday, April 24, 2006

Recommended Blog...

Check out this blog.

Can't say the guy does not have a creative approach.
Addictive....ain't blogs supposed to be that?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sensex 12000

The Sensex is zooming upwards. The bulls are making merry.
However much i would like the trend to continue, i hope the watchdogs are awake and monitoring the bull run.

Such bull runs do not necessarily indicate the state of the economy, and the people of india have experienced that at a heavy cost in the past. If as in the past, the authorities [banking/insurance] are in cahoot with the bulls, this time we have had it. The UPA govt. will find it difficult to survive in such a scenario.

Naah! I am not being pessimistic, but yes get rid of the small stocks now.

Otherwise kudos to companies like RIL group, Infy, TCS and such for fantabulous returns to shareholders. Till than cheers!!

Quote for today...

"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."

- Robert Heinlein, writer

Azim Premji - The Man

It was heartening to read the given below:

No room for reservation at Wipro: Premji

April 19, 2006 17:06 IST

IT major Wipro, 80 per cent of whose revenue comes from abroad, on
Wednesday said there was no room for job quotas in the company.

A day after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asked industries to broadbase
employment and make it representative, Wipro chairman Azim Premji said his
firm would recruit people based only on merit.

"We compete with global companies. We are primarily in the service business
in terms of the mix of our consolidated revenues", he said, adding, "Service
business is highly people-dependent. People make you (the company)
successful or the people make you less successful".

*Should there be quota in IITs,
While responding to a question on HRD Minister Arjun Singh's announcement
that 27 per cent of seats in higher educational institutions would be
earmarked for Other Backward Classes, Premji said he understood the
compulsions "the country is going through in terms of reservation."

However, "We (Wipro) are an organisation which requires selection on merit".

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Diana - Globalization...!!

Got this mail..a forward...
Question: What is the truest definition of Globalization?

Answer: Princess Diana's death.

Question: How come?

Answer: An English princess with an Egyptian boyfriend crashes in a French tunnel, driving a German car with a Dutch engine, driven by a Belgian who was drunk on Scottish whisky, followed closely by Italian Paparazzi, on Japanese motorcycles; treated by an American doctor, using Brazilian medicines.

This is sent to you by Indian, using Bill Gates's technology, and you're probably reading this on your computer, that use Taiwanese chips,and a Korean monitor, assembled by Bangladeshi workers in a Singapore plant, transported by Pakistan lorry-drivers, hijacked by Indonesians,unloaded by Sicilian longshoremen, and trucked to you by Mexican illegals..... That, my friend, is Globalization.

Rang De Aamir...

Aamir says - 'I do not know about the technicalities involved in raising the height of the dam. What I do know is that farmers have been displaced from their land and they have lost their livelihood. Till the people who have already been displaced by the dam are not rehabilitated, the height of the dam should not be raised.'

Although i do not agree with the higlighted ultimatum given above, which is more like saying that film shootings or releases will not be done till every single person till the spotboy has been compensated [which aamir surely knows is impossible to implement in the highly fragmented bollywood], the clarity of his stand needs to be appreciated and his courage to stand up to the indian politicians is to be applauded.

His taking a stand may influence the gennext in emulating the same and using the power of vote more effectively.

This single action has generated more debate and awareness about the Narmada issue than Madam Patkar's fasts have all these years.

For all his flaws, Modi is one leader who stands by what he says unlike Vajpayee and Advani [Why is this character trait more usually among the authoritarian species?].

It would be great if there is a debate between modi and aamir, it would be one hell of a BIG FIGHT.

Jessica Lal Case vs Ladies Bars

Manu Sharma gets bail...I also came to know that Bina Ramani's Tamarind Court is illegal...[Wonder how i missed that part..]

So understand the difference between shady bars and high profile exploits the needy and the latter exploits the need of the have mores.

Both are the dens of vice that breed criminals...

If the death of jessica lal was murder than we should term the suicides of the bar girls at mumbai as also murder. I recall 2 incidents that were reported in which one had taken home/educational loans when her career/bread and butter activity was snatched and the other could not bear the humiliation of begging/borrowing and whose neighbours sweared by her self-independent nature. Were this not forced deaths?

Now when the court has overturned the state's banning, should not the deaths of this bar girls be compensated and also their children who lost a mother at a tender age.

But no wait, the political mindset seeks revenge, so even if its a farcical punishment, they put the Bar Owners Association Chief [Not an innocent soul] behind bars.

So will the media highlight and fight for their plight, NO! The Jessical Lal case ensures better TRPs than the dead bar girls...

The fact is mumbai has witnessed a sharp increase in crime since the ban....

Monday, April 10, 2006

Salman in and as THE DEER HUNTER...

Directors can offer to remake the hollywood classic with salman in the main role...with ofcourse some bollywood twists and turns.
Sallu has got his wish fulfilled of emulating Sanjubaba's lifestyle.
Although I am a fan of this moron's personality and the cool dude attitude he sports on screen, but he is a big embarassment to his family, friends and fans.
He definetly has to his credit of making fitness a style statement among the new generations but at the same time he is the most poor role model to the younger generation.
Now the debates and the big fights will start about celebrities being soft targets, some channels will make money starting SMS polls...The Whole Circus.
Wish this guy had 1/4th of Aamir's intellect who does not let even a divorce harm his image and in fact has the media following him everywhere.
If one had to make a film on Archie comic books - Salman would shine as the Dumb MOOSE!!!
Happy Jailing...Salman BHAI!!