Friday, July 15, 2005

The Conspiracy Theory.....

Had a conversation with a office colleague...

Me: This Salman is a nut yaar...Cant keep his trap shut once drunk...His poor father has to write a open letter in the media to ask him to get married...
Pal: Yaar, yeh sab game hai, badi game...

Me: Game!!?
Pal: Is main salman, aish, police, government sab saammil hai...

Me: [Dumbfounded]
Pal: Dekh Salman ki picture release ho rahi hai, thode din main Rising bhi ho rahi hai...Varma ki James bhi ho rahi hai...islye Big Opening chaaiye....kuch naatak...kuch dhamaal...controversy is big money in bollywood...

Me: Accha!? But..[Interrupted]
Pal: Tum public log yeh sab real main le lete ho....Hindustan Times ka Launching pad kitna zordar raha yeh news ki wajah se....Paper wale ka faayda....picture hit salman ka faayda....Aish aise bhi bina hit picture ke news main rehti hai...uska bhi faayda....Government ka bhi faayda....

Me: Government ka kya Faayda??
Pal: Media busy rahegi - behind the scenes, shivsena ko todne ka game chalu rahega jo speaker ne kiya hai...samjha kar yaar....itna simple theory nahi samajte tum log....Chal Shaam ko kya kar raha hai....

Me: Kyu?
Pal: Salman ki MPKK ki do ticket hai....

Me: [Felt like banging my head...ouch still hurts...]

Friday, July 01, 2005

Mind your business, say angry corporators

Read this one on

Who are citizens’ groups to check and seek accounts of how we used our funds, ask over dozen corporators

I can’t do any work because of ALMs. Please get this harassment stopped
— Kavita Rodricks, Congress corporator

[ People getting organized and following up on community work is harassment !!]

Tell ward officials that ALMs are not MLAs’ men
— Waqarunnissa Ansari, Congress corporator

[ MLA ka aadmi ho to kaam karne ka kya? ]

Gang war. That’s the only word to describe their working
— Prakash Bobdi, Congress corporator

[ True, That is your domain [gang war], people should not encroach on it!!]

Are ALMs going to contest elections? Who are they to demand information on how we used our funds?
— Trushna Vishwasrao, Shiv Sena corporator

[ Kalyug hai yaar! Vishwasrao pe Vishwas nahi!! ]


The fact is people are still not minding their business, if they had, you all would not have been corporators.