Friday, January 27, 2006

Zindagi ki Kashmkash

Aksar hum manjilo ko pane ki khawish mein
Kho dete hain kyai khushiya
Kho dete hain kyai lamhein
Yaad aati hain kyai baatein
Na jane who sukun kaha gaya zindagi se
Na jane who bahare kaha gayi
Lagta hain khawabo ke peeche bhagate zindagi yu hi guzar jayegi

Mann mein ek chubhan si hain
Dil mein naa jane kaise kasak hain
Khamosh hain yeh saari raahein
Na jane woh khushi kaha gayi
Manjilo pe manjil tay karte gaye
Hum raasto pe raste chalte gaye
Inhi raasto par kho gayi humari muskarahtein

Aasmano ko dekh roj nagmein bante
Kaagazo par raat yu hi guzrate
woh shaam ka dhalna , din ka chalna
Har rangeen shaam ki parchayi
Yaad hain humein
Par aaj naa woh shaam hain naa woh din
Buss manjilo par manjil tay karte gaye
Raasto pe raaste chalte gaye

Waqt asa bhi tha jab hasne ke liye zarrorate kum thi
Par aaj mehsoos karo toh lagta hain
Manjilo ke saayein mein
Humne kho di woh hasi

Oonche hain sare khawab
Oonchi hain saari manjile
In bhagate raasto mein
Daudti nazarein
Bheed mein bhi tanha akele hain hum

Raat ke baad din ka aana
Patchado mein phool ka khilna
Yeh aas dilata hain
Paa lege woh khushi
Laut aayegi woh muskarahtein
Har masoom chere par chaa jayegi wahi hasi

--Megha Bhuwal--

[with the same title from an email forward]

KBC - Lock Kiya Jaaye?

Well, my earlier post gives my snap along with Amitji as part of audience though.

This is a fraud on a massive scale.
I am sad by the thought that Siddharth Basu could've been a part of this fraud.
India TV did an excellent expose on KBC's selection process.

But the way everyone went out of the way to exonerate Shri Amitji is a bit depressing.Are celebrities not to be held accountable?

People have already forgotten HOME TRADE, top-notch personalities like sachinji, shahrukhji, hrithikji made millions whereas the employees of home trade did not get salary also. I remember one of these personality's quote that was flashed by media after the expose "What business is home trade into?" So innocent!!

Mr Amitji, we expect you to stand up for your fans, the millions across the world who watched episode after episode and dialled away their hard earned money.
As your image is sullied by this episode, we the people of india expect you to take those people to court who did this scam.

Is it a wee bit too much to ask for?

Monday, January 16, 2006

A blog on paisa vasool movies...

I am coming up with a blog on movies only....that is the movies that i saw and enjoyed...
Take a peek at it...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ultimate Irony

AMITABH BACHCHAN is scared of being hounded by the system, the angry young man whom millions of indians looked upon as someone who represented them.

Than what about the common man.

KBC, Amitji aur Hum...

Not as participant but as Audience...


Friday, January 06, 2006


Peter Jackson's remake is awesome. A full paisa vasool movie.
The initial one-hour infact makes you wonder whether its king kong or the ring, that you are watching.The introduction of the tribals and the killings is definetly grotesque for elders too...I had gone along with my 5 year son.
But the Jungle adventure and from there to the city, it is a rollercoaster ride.
PJ has proved that when it comes to Story Telling, he is right on the top among the best.
Every department excels, especially art direction, the sets and the CGI graphics/effects are unbelievable.
If you haven't seen it,go now.
And do not do the mistake of watching it on DVD/VCD.

Bhen....Ya a post on that word..:)

Amit Varma's post "Punctuation in Delhi" is hilarious. I do feel that it holds true for Mumbai too.

Just go to the url above and read it.
The marriage proposal part is bhen...really funny.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Yoga...A fad / trend or a passing fancy?

Well the current baba and baby fracas led me to search the net for yoga based info.
And you know what...i got a lot of it from

Salman inaugurates Yoga Centre in Dubai
Sify, India - May 24, 2005 The first Bharat Artistic Yoga Centre was officially opened in Dubai by well-known yoga teacher Bharat Thakur, whose celebrity clients include Salman Khan

Literacy, yoga to combat Maoists
Times of India, India - 15 hours ago JHARGRAM: Realising that education can be mightier than firearms in combating Maoist rebels who dominate underdeveloped pockets in West Bengal...!!!

Docs in push-yoga camp
Calcutta Telegraph, India - 19 hours ago Ranchi, May 29: The Ranchi branch of Indian Medical Association (IMA), recognising the ancient healing effects of yoga, has decided to organise a pranayam camp.

[Hey you know what i found Brinda again in the search for yoga.]

Brinda Karat slaps legal notice on Yoga book publisher
Hindu, India - May 26, 2005 Manolokam Group, had used quotes from Ms Karat's interview to a women's weekly in Malayalam in a newspaper advertisement for their book on yoga recently.

[Now read a Sad headline from Mid-day today.]Birthday boy kills himself. [age 14]

[Now read this.]
Yoga Helps Children Reduce Anxiety
Click 2, TX - May 25, 2005 Yoga helps people relax, build their muscles and lose weight. When 10-year-old Anna Goedjen first started taking yoga, she was a different child.

Instead of those stupid PT Exercises, yoga should be introduced in schools as compulsory subject.

We will atleast have a fit new generation.

The Ramdev - Karat Fracas

This is with respect to my earlier post. I got some mails indicating that i am being biased or taking sides.
I have seen Baba on TV and admire his yoga classes that are aired early in the morning and have seen its impact on the higher age group in my building.
Although I do not owe any explanation to anyone please note i am not a follower or a member of Baba Ramdev's group.

But i again stress upon the point that i was trying to make that leading activists, leaders and media should not indulge in mere allegations without proof. Do your investigations, gather proof and than alert people.
At the same time i again would like to praise Baba's efforts in spreading awareness about "Yoga" across India. The health ministry should take a cue from baba's efforts of spreading awareness about advantages of Yoga.

I do not know anything about the medicines that he offers to his disciples.
If Karat proves what she says than the Government machinery should investigate and take action. If Karat cannot prove this, Baba should sue her and use the same satellite channels to highlight this nexus between activists/leaders and MNC powers.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Baba Ramdev - Godman or Conman?

Brinda Karat's outburst has more to it than it seems.

Activists, Leaders and Media do not understand that they need to provide proof or facts whenever they levy charges on someone.And it is a fact that Baba Ramdev has been doing a great service by spreading awareness of yoga through the medium of satellite channels.

Media is readily available for such soundbytes and karat could have called for a debate which the Baba has asked for now.

One has to just see the numbers that turn up for the yoga sessions every morning by turning on their tv.

As for the medicines being mixed with animal bones, we the people need proof.
Otherwise shut up...i am practising yoga.