Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Indian Judiciary.....1

FROM TOI Dated - 23rd Aug.

10 yrs later, 2 get 3-yr RI for Rs-1500 robbery

Mumbai: A sessions court on Monday sentenced two men to three years’ rigorous imprisonment for stealing Rs 1,495 in 1994.
Suryakant Talkar and Anand Langde were both 29 years old at the time of the incident. The duo robbed a roadside vendor, Navnath Birje, selling boiled eggs at Kalbadevi Road on April 13, 1994 by threatening him with a knife. They robbed him of the Rs 1,400 he had earned during the day and also snatched Rs 95 from a customer S Patel. According to public prosecutor Ashok Deshmukh, when Talkar and Langde tried to flee the spot, they were nabbed by passers-by and handed over to the police. They were booked under the stringent sections for “voluntarily causing hurt’’ while committing a robbery. Talkar and Langde were identified in court by their victims and sentenced to undergo three years’ rigorous imprisonment.


Just a few days back i was at the andheri court with a application to withdrew a case filed some years back. The application typed by a vendor at the court said the complainant wished to withdraw the case due to the long dates that he has been receiving for hearing. The judge on reading this asked me whether i would still like to go ahead with the case and he promised in 2-3 months time i can get the summons. I told him the accused [ the case was about bounced cheque ] is not available and is absconding than the honourable judge asked me to mention in the application later that i am withdrawing the case not because of the long dates of hearing but becoz the accused is absconding. The lawyer did the necessary.

After reading the above article, i am compelled to think that i could fend for myself and family but what about the people mentioned in the article above. They are daily wage earners, they have a family to support and can ill-afford lawyers. Is this justice.?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Indian Judiciary.....Hmmmph....

A single / sane man's life is ruined. he is in prison for 54 years without trial on the basis of allegation. he pays 1 rupee as a personal surety to be released now.

Would this be taken lightly in any other country? Forget the western world, where the judiciary and the police would be sued for millions, even the middle east would have been better than india.

You also realised why the north-easterners consider India as a foreign land....dont believe it ? Go for a trip there.....read the story in the link below.


Amit Varma of India Uncut also a link...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Please DO it for Mumbai....

Dear All,

A public interest litigation is filed against the Govt; BMC, MTNL, Railways & Police for the blatant apathy of the Govt. & Civil admin towards our City. We have guaranteed that the citizens of Mumbai will not sit back this time and are determined to get 1 million signatures to reitrate our collective anguish. If you agree , SMS " jaag and your full name" to 8558 also send this to all those who wish to make India a true Democracy.

Please SMS to 8558 as it's good for us only.

[Eg: Jaag Raj Khanna]