Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Mid-day has reported about a brigadier's treachery of selling the country's war plans for a measly 20000 in 1965 to satisfy his wife's needs for equipment for canning fruits. The source quoted is GoharKhan, son of Ayub Khan.

The immediate reaction of our fellow indians would be now of hauling the brigadier over live coals. We do not trust Pakistan but if they come out with such things our first instinct is "Yea it is possible".

We have still not learnt our lesson from the Samba Spy Scandal.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Indian Express - Choron ki Baraat

Why this article doesn't surprise me anymore....

MUMBAI, MAY 16: They talk of moderate consumption to tide over the severe power crisis in Maharashtra. But when it comes to walking that talk, the state’s ministers seem to have fallen short by miles—government records show that the Energy Minister and Rural Development Minister have run up electricity bills of around Rs 30,000 each.

All paid by the Public Works Department, from the taxpayer’s pocket.
The official bungalows of Energy Minister Dilip Walse-Patil has 10 ACs and that of Rural Development Minister Vijaysinh Mohite-Patil at least nine.
And this when their home constituencies—Walse-Patil’s Ambegaon near Pune and Mohite-Patil’s Aklooj down south—are reeling under nine-hour power cuts.

The Energy Minister’s power bills, records show, were Rs 28,789 in January, Rs 27,551 in February and Rs 29,201 in March. And the Rural Development Minister ran up bills of Rs 34,808 in January, Rs 30,870 in February and Rs 31,265 in March.

Lastly the minister says On his power bill, ‘‘I don’t pay. The government takes care of all that for ministers.’’

We know, Mr.Minister, We know we are to blame......we elected you.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Young and the Jobless - NYT

Bob Herbert a columnist with NYT has written a nice article.

Some Excerpts:
"Whatever the politicians and the business-booster types may be saying, the simple truth is that there are not nearly enough jobs available for the many millions of out-of-work or underworked men and women who need them. The wages of those who are employed are not even keeping up with inflation."

"Two-thirds of this generation are not living up to their parents' standard of living"

"The economy is growing and real output is up," said Mr. Sum, who is also a professor at Northeastern. "But the distribution of income, in terms of how much is going to workers - well, the answer is very little has gone to the typical worker."

And lastly
Gains among recently arrived immigrants seem to have accounted for the entire net increase in jobs from 2000 through 2004.

Please note though the scenario seems very familiar, the article is about USA not India.

Click on Bob's name and read the article.....


Was too busy too blog. Man! I think i have become addicted to blogging, i sincerely missed it...:)

Since the marine drive rape incident, Indian Media [TV, Newspaper] is full of reports of rape, sodomy, etc. Its not that this were not happening. It was there all the time.

I saw a constable, trying to manage traffic at Lilavati Hospital, bandra.I and a few friends were having Cutting Chai nearby.
The poor constable was sweating and whistling out loud and running around to manage the unruly traffic.

There was this young chap buying a smoke, he shouted at the constable "Abe ae - phi phi kya karta hai". On this the constable came running towards him and said "Aapka problem kya hai". The guy just murmured something and walked away.

I think every policeman must be cursing Sunil More for what he did to the image of the police force.