Thursday, May 12, 2005


Was too busy too blog. Man! I think i have become addicted to blogging, i sincerely missed it...:)

Since the marine drive rape incident, Indian Media [TV, Newspaper] is full of reports of rape, sodomy, etc. Its not that this were not happening. It was there all the time.

I saw a constable, trying to manage traffic at Lilavati Hospital, bandra.I and a few friends were having Cutting Chai nearby.
The poor constable was sweating and whistling out loud and running around to manage the unruly traffic.

There was this young chap buying a smoke, he shouted at the constable "Abe ae - phi phi kya karta hai". On this the constable came running towards him and said "Aapka problem kya hai". The guy just murmured something and walked away.

I think every policeman must be cursing Sunil More for what he did to the image of the police force.

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