Monday, March 13, 2006

Neverland Closes...

One of the most overrated and hyped stars [as far as singing is concerned] of the world, Jacko the Whacko, has finally disintegrated.
I use the word disintegrated, as he was a personality who could never come to terms with his sudden thrust to superstardom, his sexuality and above all his colour.
He obscene obsessiveness saw him change from a human to a mannequin. He was laughed at by the same media which put him on a pedestal.
The various forwards of his mugshots that circulate the internet literally makes one feel that he is physically disintegrating...
And his so called utopia ironically named "Neverland" has been shut down for financial reasons.
A man who was named the king of pop but could never live as one and lived as a slave of his own illusions.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Lt. Col. Frank Slade: The day we stop lookin', Charlie, is the day we die.

[Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman]

Raining in March...

It rained yesterday in mumbai, with thunder and lightning.
Today morning there were news of gujarat being hit by hail storms.
Just a day before we students of part-time MMM were discussing Environmental Management and the effects of global warming.
This ignorance of not doing anything about the climatic changes which are a direct result of the abuse of nature by us humans is going to cost us dear.
I am not predicting the doomsday here but we will soon face some of the greatest nature-inflicted disasters, the tsunami disaster will seem like a preview of the things to come.
What did the global leaders do at the Earth Summit that was held some time back...?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Nuclear Madness..!!

Read what the American News Media has to say...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

No comments..

As given in Mid-day -

Greg Chappell has said that Sourav Ganguly had refused to give up captaincy of the Indian team because the job was "utterly important to his life and finances".

Crorepati cricketers want dhobi discount.
...the hotel charged the players for their personal laundry, something that didn’t go down too well with them.

The players, it is learnt, demanded a concession. “We will be giving them a concession,” said BCCI media manager Rajan Nair. The hotel too will take Rs 130 off each player’s bill. The hotel, incidentally, charges Rs 55 to wash and iron a shirt and a pair of trousers.