Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Path to 9/11 - Review

Watched on weekend, this fantastic series....
Plot Outline: A television mini-series on the events leading up to the US terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Review from IMDB....

As someone who finds most television incredibly boring, I have to say I was completely gripped by this mini-series, perhaps because it was so unlike what you normally get on the tube. I loved the gritty film-making style, and I thought the casting and performances were great. David L. Cunningham is not a well known name right now, but that should change after this mini-series. Too bad he'll probably go on to direct features, because we could use more guys like him on the small screen.In terms of all the political flak this series has attracted, I can't see what all the fuss is about. Yeah, the show throws a few barbs Clinton's way, but every show has some point of view. If the Democrats don't like it, they can always respond to the truth as they see it.Congrats to ABC on having the guts to show this in spite of all the threats and criticism they received.

VHP and goondaism..

VHP has again done it. By attacking civilians, praying in a church for a sunday mass, it has again proved that it's menace needs to be curbed by the Government.
It has to be banned like SIMI and prevent the secular fabric of this country from being attacked further.
This is also an attempt to provoke the Sonia led government into taking action, so that the VHP can highlight Sonia's "religious bias" and unworthiness of being called a Indian.
If VHP wants votes, they should have targeted those responsible for the Nithari and Khairlanji killings, atleast for once they would have been appreciated.
They are under the impression that they can again play the trumpet of Hinduism, but unfortunately such actions will never be accepted by the majority of Hindus in this country.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Guru by the Guru...

Saw guru yesterday at cinemax, andheri. Maniratnam has made a compromise at last to get himself a hit at the hindi box office. But I am not complaining.

I wouldn't be surprised if the movie does the same for dhirubhai ambani, that lage raho did for Gandhi.

Infact there's a dialogue that implies that after Nehru and Gandhi, there's Dhirubhai!!

Abhishek is in top notch form. Ash too. But the best performance comes from our very own Mithunda,he is amazing as Manik Dasgupta [read Ramnath Goenka], amazing enough for me to want to catch up the movie second time.

Rahman's music is awesome, specially the background track that chants the name Guru. But the Yammo song was unnecessary, but i guess Mani wanted it to be a real hindi film. The direction reveals that even genuises crave for acknowledgment and acceptance.

As an elderly dhirubhai [see? Even though the name is gurukanth one can escapethe similarities], Abhishek has surprisingly managed very well.

I am sure dhirubhai would have approved, as the movie is surefire hit.

A movie on Dhirubhai and loss?? No way.

Catch it now at your neigbouring theatre.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Movie Recommendations

Its been a long time since I could put pen to paper!

Went through the below blog at the amazing India Uncut and totally agree with Anurag Kashyap's views regarding the dearth of good critics in India.

I caught up with lot of movies and definitely recommend the following:
1. DOR [Old world charm!]
2. The Devil's Advocate [Al-Pacino - Great as always!, Keanu Reeves - Good but the accent he put on was irritating]
3. Road to Guantanamo [Documentary - Fantastic!]
4. To kill a mocking bird [Hollywood classic]
5 An American Haunting [Good Horror]

Will give later more names.....