Sunday, January 21, 2007

VHP and goondaism..

VHP has again done it. By attacking civilians, praying in a church for a sunday mass, it has again proved that it's menace needs to be curbed by the Government.
It has to be banned like SIMI and prevent the secular fabric of this country from being attacked further.
This is also an attempt to provoke the Sonia led government into taking action, so that the VHP can highlight Sonia's "religious bias" and unworthiness of being called a Indian.
If VHP wants votes, they should have targeted those responsible for the Nithari and Khairlanji killings, atleast for once they would have been appreciated.
They are under the impression that they can again play the trumpet of Hinduism, but unfortunately such actions will never be accepted by the majority of Hindus in this country.

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