Monday, March 13, 2006

Neverland Closes...

One of the most overrated and hyped stars [as far as singing is concerned] of the world, Jacko the Whacko, has finally disintegrated.
I use the word disintegrated, as he was a personality who could never come to terms with his sudden thrust to superstardom, his sexuality and above all his colour.
He obscene obsessiveness saw him change from a human to a mannequin. He was laughed at by the same media which put him on a pedestal.
The various forwards of his mugshots that circulate the internet literally makes one feel that he is physically disintegrating...
And his so called utopia ironically named "Neverland" has been shut down for financial reasons.
A man who was named the king of pop but could never live as one and lived as a slave of his own illusions.

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