Monday, April 10, 2006

Salman in and as THE DEER HUNTER...

Directors can offer to remake the hollywood classic with salman in the main role...with ofcourse some bollywood twists and turns.
Sallu has got his wish fulfilled of emulating Sanjubaba's lifestyle.
Although I am a fan of this moron's personality and the cool dude attitude he sports on screen, but he is a big embarassment to his family, friends and fans.
He definetly has to his credit of making fitness a style statement among the new generations but at the same time he is the most poor role model to the younger generation.
Now the debates and the big fights will start about celebrities being soft targets, some channels will make money starting SMS polls...The Whole Circus.
Wish this guy had 1/4th of Aamir's intellect who does not let even a divorce harm his image and in fact has the media following him everywhere.
If one had to make a film on Archie comic books - Salman would shine as the Dumb MOOSE!!!
Happy Jailing...Salman BHAI!!

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