Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jessica Lal Case vs Ladies Bars

Manu Sharma gets bail...I also came to know that Bina Ramani's Tamarind Court is illegal...[Wonder how i missed that part..]

So understand the difference between shady bars and high profile joints...one exploits the needy and the latter exploits the need of the have mores.

Both are the dens of vice that breed criminals...

If the death of jessica lal was murder than we should term the suicides of the bar girls at mumbai as also murder. I recall 2 incidents that were reported in which one had taken home/educational loans when her career/bread and butter activity was snatched and the other could not bear the humiliation of begging/borrowing and whose neighbours sweared by her self-independent nature. Were this not forced deaths?

Now when the court has overturned the state's banning, should not the deaths of this bar girls be compensated and also their children who lost a mother at a tender age.

But no wait, the political mindset seeks revenge, so even if its a farcical punishment, they put the Bar Owners Association Chief [Not an innocent soul] behind bars.

So will the media highlight and fight for their plight, NO! The Jessical Lal case ensures better TRPs than the dead bar girls...

The fact is mumbai has witnessed a sharp increase in crime since the ban....

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