Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rang De Aamir...

Aamir says - 'I do not know about the technicalities involved in raising the height of the dam. What I do know is that farmers have been displaced from their land and they have lost their livelihood. Till the people who have already been displaced by the dam are not rehabilitated, the height of the dam should not be raised.'

Although i do not agree with the higlighted ultimatum given above, which is more like saying that film shootings or releases will not be done till every single person till the spotboy has been compensated [which aamir surely knows is impossible to implement in the highly fragmented bollywood], the clarity of his stand needs to be appreciated and his courage to stand up to the indian politicians is to be applauded.

His taking a stand may influence the gennext in emulating the same and using the power of vote more effectively.

This single action has generated more debate and awareness about the Narmada issue than Madam Patkar's fasts have all these years.

For all his flaws, Modi is one leader who stands by what he says unlike Vajpayee and Advani [Why is this character trait more usually among the authoritarian species?].

It would be great if there is a debate between modi and aamir, it would be one hell of a BIG FIGHT.

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