Friday, January 06, 2006


Peter Jackson's remake is awesome. A full paisa vasool movie.
The initial one-hour infact makes you wonder whether its king kong or the ring, that you are watching.The introduction of the tribals and the killings is definetly grotesque for elders too...I had gone along with my 5 year son.
But the Jungle adventure and from there to the city, it is a rollercoaster ride.
PJ has proved that when it comes to Story Telling, he is right on the top among the best.
Every department excels, especially art direction, the sets and the CGI graphics/effects are unbelievable.
If you haven't seen it,go now.
And do not do the mistake of watching it on DVD/VCD.

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Maya Cassis said...

yeah I heard it's good too.A must-see.