Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Baba Ramdev - Godman or Conman?

Brinda Karat's outburst has more to it than it seems.

Activists, Leaders and Media do not understand that they need to provide proof or facts whenever they levy charges on someone.And it is a fact that Baba Ramdev has been doing a great service by spreading awareness of yoga through the medium of satellite channels.

Media is readily available for such soundbytes and karat could have called for a debate which the Baba has asked for now.

One has to just see the numbers that turn up for the yoga sessions every morning by turning on their tv.

As for the medicines being mixed with animal bones, we the people need proof.
Otherwise shut up...i am practising yoga.

1 comment:

PRATEEK said...

You are definately right dude...
i don't dumb people like Ms Karat will understand...