Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Ramdev - Karat Fracas

This is with respect to my earlier post. I got some mails indicating that i am being biased or taking sides.
I have seen Baba on TV and admire his yoga classes that are aired early in the morning and have seen its impact on the higher age group in my building.
Although I do not owe any explanation to anyone please note i am not a follower or a member of Baba Ramdev's group.

But i again stress upon the point that i was trying to make that leading activists, leaders and media should not indulge in mere allegations without proof. Do your investigations, gather proof and than alert people.
At the same time i again would like to praise Baba's efforts in spreading awareness about "Yoga" across India. The health ministry should take a cue from baba's efforts of spreading awareness about advantages of Yoga.

I do not know anything about the medicines that he offers to his disciples.
If Karat proves what she says than the Government machinery should investigate and take action. If Karat cannot prove this, Baba should sue her and use the same satellite channels to highlight this nexus between activists/leaders and MNC powers.


Rohit aur Priya said...

I am a True NATIONALIST INDIAN. I fully subscribe to your views and support you in presenting the case in the most objective manner.
Yue see we needto question the basic frame of refrences. Who is Brinda?
a communist leader influenced by marx, lenin, stalin and others who belive in classless society. For whom religion and culture has no place in society
What was her motivation in sending the samples of drugs to a govt lab?

The answer to this entire contoversy is attached to an plausible explaination to this question
I publically ask her to hold a press conferance with equal enthusiasm and explian her motivation. In order clear her motivation i ask her a few leading questions

madam have you used the drugs personally?

madam did any one got hurt by using the drugs in your vicinity?

madam are youaware of the ayurveda philosophy?

madam does ayurveda recognise veg and non veg

madam can you recall the names of drugs sent to lab

madam if i were to sent a similar drug for inspection i must have been gravely aggrieved . were you also aggrieved

you may choose not to answer

but i read somewhere that a million collected hopes couldnot prosecute o j simpson but a million beliefs have convicted him in their minds.

by raising this issue in the most dubious manner you have struck at the root of millions of TRUE indians


may god bles you

Vinayak said...


My blog Gudia, a Muslim girl and Ramdev ji, a Hindu male !! is on how the society defines the "weak" and who becomes the underdog !

Do you know Gudia ? Gudia is an Indian Muslim girl who died this new years eve. As we sat watching Pranoy Roy hand over the "Best Indian" award to Sonia, the fireworks from Japan to Park avenue and Bihar on advertisements instead of crime alert, Gudia died. Gudia died of multiple organ failure at an Army hospital. [...................] But for lip service none of the pro wife feminists and bleeding heart leftists did anything for Gudia. Neither Brinda Karat, nor Teesta Setalvad, nor Arundhathi Roy or her comrades who bleed for Iraqi children or Kosovo's babies and collateral damage all over the globe, worried about this poor Indian Muslim - Gudia.[...................]

Now to Ramdev. If you notice Ramdev ji, A Hindu Swami, has been hit and plastered all over. Ramdev seems to be from the other unfortunate half i.e. Hindu Male of India Just as muslim women are being tossed about by the powerful, so are Indian Hindu men tossed about.

Be it Kanchi Shakaracharya or Ramdev, or Narayan Murthy or Advani, they are symbols of hope and achievement in their respective spheres. They are symbols of faith and were Ikons of Hinduism. These very men are under attack today.

why Ramdev ?

more at


Doctor Bruno said...

Just because One spreads Yoga, he does not have the right to sell a drug without ingredients.

The whole episode has been twisted.

If Karat alleges that Baba mixes something, let Baba prove that it is false.

Why does he drag his Yoga into this.

On the other hand, If baba drives his bike without license, do you mean that the police should not fine him just because he is spreading Yoga

Anonymous said...

Doctor Bruno, your point is valid if everything went according the law/procedure. The person who made allegations should have filed a case against Swami Ramdev with all the proof that she got. That did not happen. So, why should Swami Ramdev waste his time and money to answer her allegations.

If you are okay with the way she made the allegations, you are not even qualified to ask questions against Swami Ramdev. You may be a Doctor but your brain is in your knee.