Wednesday, April 26, 2006

270 Kms-12 buses - India Shining !!

I had to post this blog from rediff, it's just unbelievable and we talk about connecting Kashmir to Kanyakumari.This proves that our policies are so focussed on urban issues that we simply forget that the "other india" too exists.


12 buses, 270 km in Tamil Nadu
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My village is in Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu, about 35 km from Tuticorin town. I decided to go to Sivakasi to see the assembly election trend there. So I got into a bus (1) to Tuticorin. I reached the old bus-stand and was very happy to see a bus with the board saying Sivakasi.

I got in (2) and the conductor asked me where I wanted to go. When I told him, he said this bus would leave the new bus stand after an hour so I should go in an earlier bus.

So I got down and boarded a bus (3) to Kovilpatti as there was no direct bus for me. From Kovilpatti I took another bus (4) to Sattur. It takes 30 minutes from Kovilpatti to Sattur. Imagine my shock when after 10 minutes the bus halted at a restaurant for a ‘20 minutes refreshment break’. There were six other buses halted there. I got into one (5) leaving for Sattur.

From Sattur I got a bus to Sivakasi (6).

After finishing my work there I saw a bus (7) leaving for Tuticorin. A feeling of déjà vu when the conductor said it was better I bought a ticket for Sattur as there would be a 25 minute halt there. I did not argue. I boarded (8) another bus from Sattur to Tuticorin.

This one took me to the new bus stand there and I boarded a mini bus (9) to the old bus stand. There was no bus to my village but there was one (10) to Eral which is on the way. From Eral I got another mini bus (11) to Kurumbur. And one more mini bus (12) to my village.

I was very happy. I had not waited even for one bus. I had been on the move throughout and covered 270 km.

-- Ganesh Nadar

Henceforth I will never ever crib about BEST Buses for sure!!

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