Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Aamir Vs BJP

BJP has proved once again that they are bereft of any political acumen and thrive on chaos and chaos only. The one point agenda is to make someone a scapegoat or make a mountain out of a molehill and confuse people by misleading propaganda and hog the media spotlight. It is a sad state of affairs for the BJP.

I have observed the implications of such propaganda. Recently i was having a discussion with someone about the whole issue and the pal was vociferous in his criticism of Aamir and also used unsavoury words for the actor. The person being gujarati was hurt and felt that Aamir was against the Narmada Dam, which is not the case.

I was asked why i had not blogged on the issue to which i explained my stand that even if i did, either i would be branded as aamir fan or as a fanatic that supports violent protests.

Right from the beginning Aamir has clearly said that he has no idea about the technicalities of raising the height of the dam as he is not a engineer. Infact Arundhati Roy too ridiculed him at one point, initially because of his cola liasions.

He had just voiced his concern over a villager whose house and fertile land was submerged and said that they should be PROPERLY compensated by the government.

Now MY POINT is - isn't this the same as when we swear at the BMC and the MMRDA for the pathetic condition of mumbai roads, When we abuse the railway for late and cancelled trains, when we abuse the BSES,MSEB, Govt for power cuts in summer etc.

Suppose you were offered by the mentioned authorities that 50% of the above problems will be resolved, and 50% you are expected to tolerate, would you take it lying down. NO!!

SIMILARLY you cannot offer a tribal a barren land or move him somewhere far [ like offering you a flat in Virar in exchange of your current one in Andheri! ], it HIS RIGHT to ask for a PROPER compensation. And Mr.Khan has just voiced his concern over the same.

My Pal also said that Aamir should be shamed that anti-reservation protesters were caned in a similar manner by the police as was shown in Rang De Basanti Climax !! [What the...!!]. He is surely not aware of Gangajal being made on Bhagalpur blindings...

Initially I was under the impression that maybe this was all a gimmick for getting publicity for FANAA [Conspiracy theory :)] but threatening kids who came to watch the movie from baroda to mumbai is too much.

Aamir will emerge as the winner and BJP the loser from this controversy.

And note please Mr.Modi has smartly kept away from the controversy...By the way FANAA [pirated copy] is available for 150 bucks in Gujarat...Please BAN them too...

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