Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bollywood Support for Aamir...

A little late in the day, however bollywood has come out in full strength to support aamir. Hrithik's open letter is commendable in lieu of the fact that KRISSH is about to release.

Shotgun Sinha finds himself alone after calling Aamir egoistic.
I had once attended a shoot of shotgun's talk show. The topic was banning of alcohol advertisements.As part of the audience, i reminded shotgun about his Bagpiper Advt, to which he replied in a stern tone that he had already apologised for it earlier.

The best part is this segment was editied out and your's truly was not even visible in a single shot throughout the episode [Sob!], anyway wifey got a close-up and my day was saved.

Jokes apart, this incident clearly proved that shotgun believes in censorship i.e censorship of criticism, adverse opinion etc.

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