Monday, May 22, 2006

Sensex - At Pit Levels

India is shining, booming, and zooming. For all the so called reports from Goldman Sachs and the Merril Lynch, the sensex was literally lynched by irresponsible statements, manupulative FIIs etc.

Were the FII's given a free run of the market so as to give the world a shining image of India.? To give the impression that the indian economy is at its peak and invite more funding from abroad?

This is where china scores, chinese politicians are statesman, they consider their career as a job and they deliver, whereas our cartoon's lifetime job is to squabble over how to keep their seats permanent.

Let's see how manmohan and chidambaram - 2 whizkids clear this mess.

[ I had warned earlier in a post - ]

Meanwhile Arjun can keep playing the royal flush with the Mandal Card.

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