Friday, April 29, 2005

A life wasted...

"Twenty-five-year-old Aditya Khemka, a second semester student at Rai University was found dead on Tuesday after being hit by a train at Belapur at 5.25 am.
While the police insist it was an accident, his hostel mates suggest it was suicide over a love affair gone wrong."

It seems he had approached the girl many times and had received a slap too from her in front of 25 students. He was in a depression since then.

What does the dean have to say? ‘‘Aditya was Senior Manager, Placements for his batch. He was a very good student and we’ve lost a good life. This has nothing to do with our affiliation problems’’. The affiliation problems are apparently giving the dean some nightmares, that's for sure.

As for such students, don't waste your life, because by doing so, you kill your family members too in a single stroke.

And yes please include COUNSELLING as a compulsory option in my earlier post for education, for students.

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