Friday, April 29, 2005

I don’t know who the PM is !!!

I had sent a mail to Amit Varma about the need for awareness among the new generation.

The article from Indian Express, in mumbai expressline dated 28th April proves it. Read some of the quotes:

1. I don’t know who the PM is: Ishita, Std IX

2.‘‘I’m not interested in the Parliament; I don’t think it’s relevant to my life in any way,’’ declared Chaitali Palav, a Std IX student of St Mary’s Convent, Mulund.

3. ‘‘I know nothing about Parliament or its functions,’’ admits a cheerful Ishita Madanpura, another Std IX student. In fact, Madanpura says she doesn’t know who the prime minister is.

4. Tejas Prabhu, a Std VIII student of Saraswati Vidyamandir, Thane, was a little more interested. ‘‘All I know about Parliament is how it looks,’’ he admits. ‘‘But I’d like to know more.’’

5. Amruta Moholkar, a Std VIII student of Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane, was not too keen to know more about Parliament even if the information was ready-made. ‘‘I’ve heard the term Parliament in Civics. I know they make rules there,’’ she said.

Some on the positive side...

1. Aakash Jhaveri, a Std VIII student of Cathedral and John Conon School. ‘‘I read three newspapers every day. I think it’s very interesting to know what’s been happening in Parliament and in the rest of the country,’’ he said.

2. Rushank Kariya, a Std VIII student of St Joseph School, Wadala, was also quite
knowledgeable. ‘‘I read two papers every day. I follow the Sensex very
closely,’’ he said. As for Parliamentary affairs, he keeps tab on the “most
sensational news”.

‘‘I know that the Parliament has two houses and I know their functions.
But the textbook only gives us theory,’’ said Shriya Moghe, a
student of R P Wagh High School, Vasai.

Ask me, I am a part timer too in Management.

REVAMP the Education System, and see the changes in society.

1. We need uniform subjects across india, especially with respect to Indian History [ Past and Modern ].

2. English and Hindi should be made compulsory. Or there is no point in refering hindi to as our national language. English because there is a urgent need to bring the students from the rural and urban at the same level.

3. 2nd Language should be the language used in majority in the state. Offer other languages too, as optional subjects that gives student an opportunity to learn their mothertongue.

4. Form a national committee, to set guidelines and prevent the syllabi from being used as a platform to preach pseudo ideological thoughts.

5. Involve the youth and the industrialists of the country to make the education system dynamic, ever evolving and practical.

6. Specialised courses in colleges, that give a fair idea to students of choosing the career path not as per their ambitions or because the career is lucrative but also whether they have the aptitude for the same.

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