Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Doctorate for SHILPA SHETTY !!

HA HA! Fu#$@#@ crap man! It's sad...I dunno my emotions right now so excuse me!

She gets a doctorate for "immense contribution to cultural diversity" by appearing on BIG BROTHER.. a crappy show where a bit of cleavage along with some tears gets the BIMBO a doctorate from LEEDS UNIVERSITY !!! For that reason, Mallika should be offered BHARAT RATNA for uniting all men across all classes for OGLING at her.

Can someone define achievement please!!

Now someone would point out I am jealous...yes u fu..moron I am! Coz this type of incident undermines our efforts and achievements...purely my perception...Now your BENCHMARK is Shilpa Shetty...Holy Cow that statement gives me the creeps....

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