Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bombs in School!!

What a prank!
Std 8th guys blasts sutli bombs in a suburbian school and force 12000 students to evacuate....

Princi dearest says they need not be punished, it will spoil their careers !!! And I thought they would get encouraged if they are not punished...

Hey wait a second...I was punished 20 years back in SSC when I sang "Jab Hum Jawaan Hoge" instead of the regular prayer, in fact the whole class was caned by the Vice Princi , an Idi Amin
lookalike. Anyway, I liked the way whole class followed me, gave me a high than... :)
Damn it, I was also punished for offering a red rose to a "lady in red" in 11th, by being banned for 4 lectures....

Roses Vs Bombs...Schooling has come a long way man!

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