Saturday, January 13, 2007

Guru by the Guru...

Saw guru yesterday at cinemax, andheri. Maniratnam has made a compromise at last to get himself a hit at the hindi box office. But I am not complaining.

I wouldn't be surprised if the movie does the same for dhirubhai ambani, that lage raho did for Gandhi.

Infact there's a dialogue that implies that after Nehru and Gandhi, there's Dhirubhai!!

Abhishek is in top notch form. Ash too. But the best performance comes from our very own Mithunda,he is amazing as Manik Dasgupta [read Ramnath Goenka], amazing enough for me to want to catch up the movie second time.

Rahman's music is awesome, specially the background track that chants the name Guru. But the Yammo song was unnecessary, but i guess Mani wanted it to be a real hindi film. The direction reveals that even genuises crave for acknowledgment and acceptance.

As an elderly dhirubhai [see? Even though the name is gurukanth one can escapethe similarities], Abhishek has surprisingly managed very well.

I am sure dhirubhai would have approved, as the movie is surefire hit.

A movie on Dhirubhai and loss?? No way.

Catch it now at your neigbouring theatre.


Pranav Parikh said...

Guru is good. Definitely good. One should go for this movie considering that it's pure entertainment & that it draws a few parallels from Dhirubhai's life. However, if you want to understand the business strategies that Dhirubhai incorporated, how he defied the rules, how he beat the bureaucracy, how he defeated well-established competition, what management tactics did this uneducated son of a teacher out in practice - then this movie is not dishing out these. I personally went in for this movie directed by Mani Ratnam, himself a JBIMS graduate with these hopes & expectations and kind of came out of the movie feeling disappointed & feeling having watched a movie that gave half-baked information about one of the biggest corporate tycoons of our times - Someone of the stature that Corporate India had seen never before and probably might not see ever again.

Pranav Parikh said...

One goof-up in the movie. In one of the parties, Abhishek declared that their company has grown 3 times that is a mighty 300%.

This is fuzzy math and Mani should have nipped this right in the bud of the script. When a company grows 3 times, it means it has grown 200%. Also if it's growing 300%, it means it's grown 4 times! ... Dhirubhai would have turned in his grave on this one, atleast!

Paula said...

I never saw that movie and you made me curious. Is it available on a DVD or something?