Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What is a Nigerian Email Fraud??

Dear Mumbaites,

Some nigerians have been arrested lately for the famous email fraud.I received this email. The email looks like below. Those who fall in the trap, are asked to shell out some money for a bag full of scrap, which they insist on opening later.

Read ahead.....

Dear friend,

I am a consultant with the federal ministry of works
and housing here in Nigeria, and I represent a group
of top Government Officials that is interested in
engaging your service as manager for investment
Purposes of a large volume of fund in your humble
country. The major thing I need from you is assuring
me safety of this money when it finally gets to you.
Further information and arrangement will commence as
soon as trust; confidence and good working
relationship is established between us. I shall be
most grateful if you maintain the Confidentiality of
this matter. Please confirm your interest via the
below email address.

However, the fact is that there was an over-inflated
contract that was executed for Ministry of Works and
housing worth $32 million, which has been lying fallow
since the original contractor has been paid leaving
the over-inflated amount which was done by this group
I’m representing. They are in charge of the accounts
section and have perfected all documents to back up
the payment as to avoid any trace whatsoever which
makes the transaction 100% risk free. The issue of the
kind of service I request from you would be that I
need your assistance in receiving the amount of $32m
and thereafter you invest it for a period of 2 years.
Secondly, you would be entitled to 20% of the total
fund in question as the fund manager while 5% will be
set aside for any sundry expenses incurred by both
parties in the course of this transaction.

Meanwhile, I believed that you would be able to handle
this project trustworthiness and confidentially as
this is only what I demand from you as to protect my
highly exalted position without denting my image and
person in this regards. I really need your assurance
and I want you to give me your maximum co-operation as
far as this project is concerned.

I have a wife with seven children; four girls, three
boys and I want to ensure that their future is secured
financially with this project,therefore, you can
understand my position towards this issue. I implore
you to include your private telephone, fax for safer
and more confidential communication. Please if this
proposal is acceptable to you, kindly get back to me
immediatly, so that we can work out the procedure for
the execution of this transaction. You can get back to
me on May God bless you.


Micheal Okeke