Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Privileged people

When a Salman is involved in hit and run, there is trial by the media. Police is very forthcoming in giving statements and details abt the case whereas in the mhatre case [Thackeray's driver] the police needs a directive from the judiciary to provide info abt the charges applied and the charges not applied.

Salman gives a huge amount to the victim's kin without waiting for any such directive from anyone. Whereas in the Mhatre case, the victim needs to go to court for compensation. The critics are unusually silent too on this issue and not much of paper reams is wasted on the Mhatre Case compared to the Salman case.

Manu Sharma is successful in getting bail after cold bloodedly murdering jessica lal in full public view, is the law bending backwards to accomodate the high and the mighty...??

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