Monday, April 11, 2005

5th April, 2005. - For my Mom, Love you mom.

Dear Lord,

You gave me an angel from heaven,
Who tended to me every day.
She saw me through trials and errors,
Watched and prayed as I went on my way.

My angel protected me always,
And vigilant ever was she,
While fasting and praying for others,
And faithfully calling on Thee.

My angel from heaven did love me.
I was blessed from the day I was born,
For that angel was my precious mother;
And now, her departure I mourn.

So please, Father, give her that mansion
She talked about time after time.
Let her sing in your heavenly choir
Among angels' voices sublime.

Please bless her and keep her forever
In heaven, away from all pain,
And help me to be much more like her,
So I can be with her again.


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Pranav said...

Bhartimasi was ever-smiling. When I went to the US in 99, she went to Siddhi-Vinayak especially to pray for Sanjubhai and me and came directly to my home from there with prasad and blessings.

For many years together, I used to wear a pendant shaped 'P' given by her. I still have it with me.

It's only memories now. She wasn't meant to leave so early.

She was truly an angel !!