Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sensex below 10000

America's Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke's comment about inflation with respect to energy and food has shot down the world indices. He has indicated that interest rates may go up further whereas expectations were opposite that the rates would not increase further.

If comments and observations are all it takes to get the sensex crashing and not the real economic scenario than i would wish this so called prominent persons would shut the hell up.

Nobody can stop Indian markets from growth, it seems as if every thing in the world is related to the developed nation's economy [read america].No one had visualized the Euro a few years back, and with the kind of political leaders America is having no one would remember that dollar was the leading currency across the world a few years from now.

We unfortunately have spineless leaders unlike china, who attract business on their own terms whereas even with such huge markets we go begging for investments across the world. Let us forget the third world tag, or the developing nation tag, come out of the illusion.

With Nuclear Power, we cannot be viewed as a developing nation anymore...

Wake up...

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