Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Live in Space...advises Mr.Hawking

An Open Letter to Stephen Hawking

Hi Stephen,

Please come to mumbai, a novel city that guarantees you large number of craters.
To experience the walk on the moon, you simply need to drive through our city especially in three wheelers called Autos, we guarantee you that gravity will not have any effect on you, most of the journey you shall be suspended in space.

There is no water on moon, its almost the same in mumbai too, as different living organisms have made their presence felt in water, we are more dependent on cola/tea.

Armstrong left a footprint on moon, we have been given that opportunity too by the municipal corporation to leave our footprints across the city on wet mud,sand,debris lying around various BMC projects. It has been suggested that in case any one has the privilege to slip and die in the potholes, the government will bury the person there at their project's cost and the particular pothole shall be named after him.

By the way, i do not recall how the moon looks like since the time my neck has been affected with spondalytis by looking down for potholes and open manholes, day and night. If you happen to visit moon do get some snaps, i am curious as my kid told me 'Pa, they [mumbai and moon] look the same'.

Take Care,


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Sudhi said...

Hillarious and excellent post.