Monday, May 15, 2006

Review => Gangster....4/5

Yea Yea...Dont crib! The movie deserves a 4, if you want to know why just see the remaining Akshay/Viveik etc starrers.

The music/songs are fantastic, I liked the song Tu meri Shab hai, but it could have been shot in a better manner as the camerawork reminds you of Rahul Roy's Ashiqui - pub song.

Ya Ali rocks man! What a song! Mujhe Mat Roko reminded me of Reshma of Hero[Jackie] fame. Bheegi Bheegi is also cool.

The Soundtrack can get a 5/5.

Kangana Raut succeeds in looking like Monica Bedi and has put in a sincere attempt. Where as Shiney Shines [This guy is gonna be the big star], as for Emraan the guy just succeeds in kissing again.

As for the movie plot - Throughout the movie i liked the director's concept of making it look like a narrative from the moll's point of view, without glorifying the don as usually gangster movies do, but at the end instead of making Emraan give a speech that made him look like a villain, the director could have made his character also look as exploited by the authorities. I sincerely doubt that a policeman can pass of impregnating a moll also as his duty towards the nation !!

I am off to buy a Audio CD of the movie....

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