Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Da Vinci Code...

Dan Brown's controversial book has triggered lot of emotions among christians across the world. The book itself is based on Holy Blood, Holy Grail and the authors were involved in a lawsuit too for plagiarism.

I got a mail from a buddy...his take on the controversy....
Hi Gaurang,

The whole stuff about Jesus marrying and having children is unjustifiable if one actually knows the reason for him to come in this world, live like a normal human and then die for no reason.

Christians normally curse The book “Davinci code” but I actually look at it as a boon to Christianity, If the book and its discoveries wouldn’t have been out , I wouldn’t have been typing this mail and telling you some thing more than what a church going Christian would tell you.

Many people out there who have questions and are confused about this book and its discoveries are basically ones who don’t know Jesus, or people who are already confused about him lots of Christians are also included in the count in fact the major chunk are Christians themselves.

If they knew what the idea was behind Jesus’ coming then there would have been no questions.

God created humans and the world to have fellowship with. He wanted us to be with him for ever, we never were supposed to die. God’s creation, that is you and I have a unique feature in us and that feature is the “right to choose”, we were not robots but human beings who can choose. Now when you have the property to choose you need more than one thing to choose from I mean you can only choose if you have 2 things, so God showed us what is good and what is bad but we human’s chosed bad and we sinned. Now because of sin we were separated from God, god being a righteous person wud not stay with the unrighteous, because of Sin we became a Malfunctioned creation, and you very well know if we create something and it malfunctions we either try to mend it or crap it out and start with a new one. Now God chosed to mend this malfunctioned creation rather than crap it out, he loved his creation.


if you read and know that the ritual of sacrifice is observed in almost all religions, God made a rule that if you sin you need to sacrifice a young animal to cover the sin that you committed, but the worlds sins were too huge to be just forgiven by some animals blood, only a sinless human’s blood would take it all, and sadly there was no human sinless to be such a sacrifice, cause we humans are born out of sin (Sex). So he send Jesus, now as I said earlier the sacrifice should be sinless, that’s exactly why Jesus was born from a virgin, he lived a sinless life till the age of 32 and he did his job by dying for the sins that we regularly do, he paid for our sins and died for no reason.


Coming back to the point, If Jesus was married and had children then he is not the savior and not the perfect sacrifice, if that was the case then God would have used many mighty and religious men from the past like Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and many more as a sacrifice. They were very holy and religious and they obeyed gods command there was then no use to wait till Jesus comes in. If you read the Gospels you will see Jesus’ behavior and his thoughts and his powers which showed all the characteristic of a perfect human being.

Secondly the society Prieure de Sion, was from the 18th and the 19th century almost 2000 yrs AD. They are researching and following the books that Romans wrote, Romans were the people who killed Jesus to take the truth away from the people, So when the disciples were writing the gospels Romans on the other side had their own history books to falsify Jesus’ death as a sacrifice and they wrote books which said his body was fleed away by his disciples and they kept the blood with them in the holy grail, they made proofs that would clash with the truth that had happened. There are many other controversial text found about Jesus.

So I would say the Davinci Code is actually right but the matter that is coded itself is based upon wrong books and discoveries.

From James -

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