Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Who murdered Jessica Lal?

The SYSTEM. The Society.
It's not MANU SHARMA and the gang.

Imagine a high profile case like this goes on for 7 seven years.

Enough time to threaten witnesses, tamper with evidence, weaken the spirit of those who expect justice. Jessica Lal was shot dead, her mother died sometime later, her father has suffered strokes and is a disheartened man and her sister, a witness to all this, is a disillusioned woman.

She does not want to fight or appeal. Who would want to?

When you are forced to live with your sister's criminal death for seven years, you are a witness to your parent's broken souls, from where do you get the courage to appeal?

Did jessica expect her friends from the so called society circuit to stand for her or rather anything in life...This is a part of society where the so called socialites are scavengers who daily live off the few minutes of fame of the person of the day.

These are the people [scum], who murdered Jessica Lal.

May peace be with you Jessica.


Gary said...

Got this mail from
what would u have done had u been one of the eye-witness in the Jessica Lal murder case ? ... Would you too have turned hostile and saved you and your family from a life of misery and difficulties or you would have stuck to your guts and brought justice to the case thus stubbornly putting your and your family's lives at stake

this is the question which is just refusing to get out ofmy mind since morning ..... I can take the chance and never turn hostile if it were just me .... but I'm sure the prolific people involved in the wrong side of the murder case usually target the near and dear ones of the eye witness .... and that is when you are faced with a dharam sankat ... that is when the question comes ..... do i stick to what i saw or do i turn hostile ?

Law ? Police ? Legal System ? ..... How much can they protect me and my near/dear ones ? I doubt it ....

The way out as is being suggested by many lawyers and other eminent personalities is to have the legal system rely less and less on eye witnesses and more on forensic evidence and trail of events that have happened ....

but in a corrupt country like India .... it doesn't take a hell lot to destroy evidences, to bribe institutes doing the forensic research ....

what happens to a common man knocking on the doors of the courts for justice ? Where does he go from here ?

and moresoover ... where does the eye-witness-turned-hostile go ? The poor bloke is compelled to live a life of shame and guilt ..... if only, he could have brought justice to the case without hurting him or his loved ones .... if only, the world would have been more just for the dead and moresoover for the living ....

Vinayak said...

Jessica Lall : Murder case and the Acquittal

Nice to read your post on India

I've been thinking of our country ever since the verdict came. I' really saddened and shocked reading the Jessica Lall murder case verdict. This is atrocious and makes a laughing stock of our system of criminal investigation & criminal justice. This is a Blot on the nation.

However I feel we need to do MORE THAN JUST complaining. We need to take concrete steps. More at