Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Perverts or Liberals...?

I do not know whether i am a liberal or a conservative or a "conservative liberal"..:)

But frankly today's headlines in the mumbai mirror was shocking for me.
Not because it was about a couple whose experiments in wife swapping etc was filmed secretly, but because they were so casual in admitting about it to the newspaper.And it is a fact that they enjoyed it while it lasted.They are shamed only about the fact that there is CD in the market of it, otherwise they would have continued doing what they did.

They symbolise the new category of Perverted Liberals.

What the hell happened to plain old commitment, love, family...?

If that brands me as an conservative, man i am happy to be known as one.
But this new world is a scary place, specially for my kid.

Such incidents give the fanatics and the so called custodians of our culture a free hand to indulge in violence.

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