Friday, October 21, 2005

Govinda Tapes

For nearly 2 hours, i saw govinda valiantly defend himself on TV.
The Tapes though a good find for the Intelligence Bureau, has nothing new to show.It's common knowledge that actors were bullied by underworld and made to attend shows and work in their films.
In fact what has been established by this interviews is that govinda was used by the criminals than, and now is being used as a pawn by the politician and the media.
Amarsingh requested him not to come to UP to campaign [the so called powerhorse from samajwadi was afraid of govinda...??].
Ram naik has the cheek to ask govinda to resign, i think we can cite many reasons for him to resign from an active life in politics.
Rajat Sharma does not think twice before threatening govinda live on tv "Hamare Pass aur bhi aise tapes hai aapke...hum chaahe to...", what journalism is this?
Instead of just presenting the tapes couldn't they have contacted the authorities and asked them whether they knew about it or atleast brought one current serving authority on TV along with a lawyer so that the public could be enlightened about what is criminal activity and what is not?
Bollywood is a soft target, show some guts Mr Rajat Sharma and show us tapes of Politicians and Police too who we know are not totally clean.....

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