Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Great BJP Circus....

TOI has reported that Fernandes has come out strongly in favour of Advani.
As given in the TOI - Maintaining that Advani had only placed a “historical truth’’ before the world, Fernandes suggested a “country-wide debate on those really behind partition’’.

So now the country will debate and try to find out who was responsible for the partition.
It doesn't matter that
- almost all the leaders from that era are dead.
- that India has more important and current issues that need to be looked at.

So switch on your TV sets and get set for a ride. Advani will be back in action and BJP will bend down on its knees to take him back, to hell with RSS, only advani has the charisma and the image of a national leader. Murli is no competition, Swaraj and Mahajan are kids.

Times also reported about Togadia's wish to be the CM of Gujarat. Forget it Togadia, forever, you shot yourself in the foot. You will know soon who is the big boss.


Hey Am I turning into some political forecaster or whaaat...??

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