Monday, March 14, 2005

Cutting dead bodies for 15 years...

Recently this article appeared in Mid-day. Click on the link -

“The initial years of my profession made me a robot who went about cutting bodies without any emotion. With the passage of time, dead bodies of children and women killed in blasts and gunfire changed the robot in me to an emotionless statue"

Maqbool is Kashmir's only post-mortem specialist, he has been religiously performing this gory duty for last 15 years. How can it be that the government that spends crores on J&K could not find some more staff for performing autopsies.

He buys autopsy kits from his own pocket at times!!

“I have nightmares. Whenever I sleep, the faces of the dead keep on turning in my dreams.”

Isn't this duty too a violation of Human Rights??

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